M15: Goblin Kaboomist

Oh, those wacky Goblins! You really can’t go wrong with those self-destructive little maniacs. They come in various levels of insanity, but when one is called Goblin Kaboomist, you know you’re in for a treat! Other Goblins may have more normal job descriptions, like Bazaar Trader or Goblin Diplomats. So, what does a Kaboomist do for a living? Just what it says in the tin!

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To be fair, it’s a lot of text and it took a couple of looks to see exactly what is going on there, with the text of the token inside the text of the creature. What it boils down to is that every upkeep, you drop a Land Mine, and then flip a coin to see if the goblin explodes. If the Kaboomist does explode, you at least get to keep the Land Mine token.

The coin flip only takes place while dropping the mines, not while using it. The damage, should you lose the flip is easilly negated though. All it needs is a Goblin lord, like Goblin Chieftain to survive, and keep dropping mines.


As for the Land Mines themselves, they’re worse versions of Seal of Fire, but at least they keep coming, and they are artifacts. That means you can always Shrapnel Blast them instead, feed them to Krark-Clan Shaman or use them with Goblin Welder. You can even forge those Land Mines into something else with Kuldotha Forgemaster. What would a Goblin make from a couple of mines? A Volatile Rig maybe?

It seems like M15 is getting rather humorous, especially on the ‘designed by’ cards. That’s probably a good thing. I also like how tokens are now branching out to do other things than just creatures. First, King Macar and his Gold tokens, and now Land Mines. The “flip a coin” part wasn’t really needed on the card, since it’s easy to circumvent and makes the card text a little hard to follow. Goblin Kaboomist isn’t the most elegant of cards, but it does look like a lot of fun!

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