Scourge of the Throne

Just after I wrote about my Game of Thrones themed Dragon Deck, the new Conspiracy spoiler shows a throne-themed dragon. Scourge of the Throne looks a bit like Aurelia, the Warleader or Hellkite Charger, although he lacks haste. There are plenty of ways to grant haste in the dragon deck, so that’s not much of a problem.

Usually, it will attack as a 6/6, unless you’re the meatiest chunk of planeswalker yourself. The other dragons even can go in other directions, finishing someone off, potentially. If you can’t use the Dethrone ability, well, you have a dragon and the most life, so you have no reason to complain. Then there is always Grove of the Burnwillows helping settle the difference.

Attacking the player with the highest life total can have interesting results. Even if they block your dragons, they blocked dragons and things are bound to die a fiery death. It also means they keep their precious life totals, only making the Scourge bigger and angrier.

Dethrone by itself is interesting, politically, as it should only worry the one with the most life. The rest don’t have to immediatly worry about the dragon, and are more likely to leave it alone until they become the juiciest dragonbait on the table. All in all it’s a great addition to any multiplayer deck.

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