Conspiracy legends, part 1

Conspiracy is coming, a draft format with cards specifically geared towards multiplayer. While some cards only make sense in draft, there is still plenty to love for Commander decks, as there are plenty new legends in the set to build decks around and to generally have fun with against multiple opponents. Let’s see what we know so far…


UKVMNPITB3_ENBrago will compete with (or comlement) Roon of the Hidden Realm. Who is the real king of blinking? Brago can give some pseudo-vigilance to your creatures, or maybe change what held by your Oblivion Ring.

His real power probably lies with enter-the-battlefield abilites. He might rule your humans through angels like Angel of Glory’s Rise, or Angel of Serenity. He might help reconcider the stance of players through Archangel of Strife.

Or Brago restores the loyalty of some planeswalker that dipped below his starting loyalty for any reason. Ajani, Caller of the Pride joins the battle, gives something flying and double strike, blinks during combat and hands out a +1/+1 counter in the same turn. Elspeth, Sun’s Champion destroy all creatues with 4 or more power, blinks, and creates some soldier tokens. Neat!

Another trick is that he can redistribute auras. That makes him an interesting companion to Bruna, Light of Alabaster.

There are so many possibilities, it’s almost endless. The downside is that he needs to actually hit someone to work, but at least he has flying, so that helps a little.

IldtzvGTaO_ENMarchesa seems good at making enemies, because whoever is the player with the most life, won’t have the most life for long. But when the others nibble at your life total, you won’t be the one who has the most life, and the Dethrone ability reactivates again, and your minions grow.

It’s nice that creatures get the counters when they attack, so they have at least grown before blockers are declared.

Her last ability is probably the juiciest, especially when using creatures that get +1/+1 counters all by themselves. Undying creatures become almost immortal, and for those who don’t have it, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed prolongs their unlife indefinately.

Making so many enemies means she probably should take all the allies she can get, so Thraximundar will probably side with her as well. And Carrion Feeder and Deathbringer Thoctar also have some synergies. Or Unspeakable Symbol.

All in all I think we’ll see a lot of Marchesa at the commander table, and a lot of dethronements despite being in the same colors as the popular Nekusar, the Mind Razer.

Zy5kxM3bDM_ENSelvala could create a lot of life and mana, but the latter suffers a little from the amount being somewhat random. Extra mana, life and cards is a good mix though. She gets things going for you early on.

The Parley ability has a bit of a group-hug feel, akin to Dakra Mystic. Together they’ll fit in a Phelddagrif deck for some political action.

With Spirit of the Labyrinth it’s even possible to pick a player who will not draw a card, further informed by Lantern of Insight.

There are a lot of legends in her colors, but maybe she’ll even show up in my Captain Sisay deck, so I can build up three resources at a time.

One thing that makes her great is the 2/4 for the cost. It’s similar to Courser of Kruphix, and Selvala works great with the ability to play land from your deck. Either you get a land and increase the chance that whatever you draw is worth while, or you get to draw something, hopefully revealing a land next.

Can she carry a deck on her own? It’s fun to try, as she is quick and explosive. The draw you hand out should make you some friends and keep the game fun and interesting for everyone.

Hopefully, Conspiracy will featyre more interesting legends like these. The promotional picture shows these three, and two more, so that’s an indication for things to come. It’s a crazy format, and the focus on fun is clear. I’ve got a good feeling about the set.

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