DOOMSDAY MACHINE Modern Horizons updates.

With Modern Horizons on… the horizon, I wasn’t really planning to get into it. Because, somehow, Wizards decided these are going to be more expensive boosters. I might hunt down some singles though, because there where some cards spoiled that fit one of my favorite Commander decks: Let’s Build A DOOMSDAY MACHINE. This deck, headed by Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain tries to assemble a combo out of artifacts, and Modern Horizons has some new tools.

Thing is, the deck is already filled to the brim, and when War of the Spark came out, I wanted to include a Saheeli, Sublime Artificer but honestly couldn’t find something to cut, even when Saheeli does something important for the deck: Creating scrap metal to transmute into more powerful things. So, I think the bar for replacing cards is really high, and still, I think these cards make the cut.

First, there is Goblin Engineer. The DOOMSDAY MACHINE deck has some Goblin Artificers, and it’s part of the theme to have them make random stuff, and turn that into other things. This is a nice second Goblin Welder and even though unlike the welder it has a limitation on what to get back, it also functions as an artifact tutor, in conjunction with other “from the graveyard” effects in the deck. At the very least, it helps me find Expedition Map and turn some scrap into Urzatron. I also like his interactions with Feldon of the Third Path. With al the combos, having a tutor for at least a piece is great. If only to find the next card I’m interested in: Scrapyard Recombiner.

This is another tutor card, even though it’s more limited in what it can find. However, the deck does have some very powerful constructs. Metalworker? It’s a construct that can makes lots and lots of mana, potentially infinite in the deck. Kuldotha Forgemaster is recombiners bigger brother and can find all the artifacts in the deck. Myr Battlesphere is a big construct that makes more scrap. Hangarback Walker also counts. Then there are Combustible Gearhulk and Scuttling Doom Engine which may be part of an infinite damage combo.

What hasn’t been said about this Urza card? It’s Urza! And he comes with his own construct, which is either huge or a nice piece of scrap metal to transform. Then, when used fairly, he is “just” a source of mana and card advantage. Then, if there is a Paradox Engine around, he potentially plays your entire deck. I must admit, the deck does play some scummy combos, but Urza might push it over the edge a bit.

All in all some aggresive cuts may be in order to include these new toys in the deck. But at least the first two cards fit the theme of the deck very well.

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