UR Artifacts

Even though my Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain artifact deck is crammed right now, the Commander 2018 Exquisite Invention has some juicy cards I want to make space for. The deck is all about setting up an assembly line to create… whatever. Thus, one thing I’m particularly interested in is the Retrofitter Foundry. It just fits the theme of making things and turning it into other things so well. Also, the creation of Servos and Thopters is already well supported.

One of the things the deck attempts to do is create lots of Servo’s by setting up Animation Module, Decoction Module and Fabrication Module. It’s a good way to kickstart the combo, and slowly start upgrading the resulting servos.

It might also factor in the other pre-build combo of Blasting Station, Grinding Station, Salvaging Station and Summoning Station, functioning as the 1-drop artifact to salvage, and creating a short-cut in the Station combo with Krark-Clan Ironworks. Throwing both a Servo and the Foundry into the oven, then salvaging again should yield every iteration, eventually generating enough mana to create “infinite” servo’s, thopters and constructs. All in all a very interesting addition to the deck.

The other interesting card is (obviously) the headliner of the deck: Saheeli. Yet another way to kickstart the modules, and a ramp ability that could make casting a Darksteel Colossus trivial.

The only problem is making cuts. The deck is already scary low on lands, and all the cards that are in the deck right now have very specific roles in the numerous combo’s available. Pulling out one important cog and the whole potential machine may fall apart. I don’t think I can cut any more mana sources either. It’s important to get at least to mana early, before the other mana ramp and card-draw takes over. So I’ll be debating and re-evaluation every single card again, and hopefully find a way to incorporate these new toys.

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