Mary O’Kill Unmander


The legends in Unstable didn’t seem that great at first for Commander. But now I’ve come around and think Mary O’Kill may be a fun thing to try anyway. Sure, she doesn’t have much direct support. There are only 4 different Killbots available, and with different I mean different names. They all have the same art and stats. Curious Killbot, Delighted Killbot, Despondent Killbot and Enraged Killbot.


Still, it’s fun to see a deck around (reverse?) Ninjitsu. In fact, adding some ninjas to the deck might be fun, and make combat full of wicked surprises. It helps that the ability on Mary is so cheap, so it’s not impossible for her to be replaced by a Killbot, and then hop over to another Killbot.

So, what makes her better? More Killbots! Beyond the four in the set, there are ofcourse the changelings. And those fit thematically as well. You thought you where fighting Mary O’Kill? No, it was just some shapeshifter pretending to be her!

Things get really crazy with Conspiracy in play. Now all your creatures are killbots! This means that it’s possible to switch her out for Phage the Untouchable or Master of Cruelties mid-combat. Yikes. And that for the cheap cost of . Note that her ability doesn’t trigger any enter- or leave the battlefield triggers, so you won’t die to your own Phage. A similar trick would be switching to Rakdos the Defiler after attacking, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything, but your opponent still does when they get hit.

The downside is that Mary can’t switch from the command zone, so you’ll probably have to fork up the initial to get her into play and start to get tricky. That makes it fair right?

All in all she is a promising commander, and potentially a very lethal one at that. When building the deck you’d probably will need some tutor effects, because the cardpool isn’t that deep when it comes to Killbot related stuff, and that makes her a little more linear, but at least once things get going, combat is going to be very intersting to say the least.

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