Profane Procession // Tomb of the Dusk Rose

One card from Rivals of Ixalan I’m maybe a bit too excited about is Profane Procession. Especially since the backside is thematically relevant to Queen Marchesa the Black Rose.

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Unflipped, it’s great in Commander as it can keep removing commanders without flipping, as these usually go to the Command Zone anyway. And having repeatable, instant removal that exiles available is a good political tool, especially when you can keep open.  Most enchantments that exile bring stuff back if it gets destroyed, but in this case the cards stay safely tucked away. Nice.

The Tomb of the Dusk Rose side is ok as well – having an extra multicolour land is fine, even though at that point you probably won’t need any more mana. But you’ll get a couple of creatures for the trouble. And I can’t get enough of the treasure map cardframe. It’s a thing of beauty!


Is this card amazing? Well, you’re initially are paying to remove a creature, so as a removal spell it’s not great. It’s a slow Mind Control if you look at it that way. But one with ample of opportunity to use gunpoint diplomacy on a Commander table, and that’s why I have the Marchesa deck.

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