Touch of Moonglove

I’m still trying to make a Queen Marchesa deck.  Looking at what themes to include, one of them is definately deathtouch. Deathbringer Thoctar is a card I’ve been wanting to use for years, but haven’t found the deck for. The idea of machine-gunning entire boards with a deathtoucing Thoctar seems awesome.

touch-ashx deathbringer-ashx

It does need a card that actually grants deathtouch though. Marchesa and most of her assassin minions already have it, so granting something extra is very welcome. Enter Touch of Moonglove. By itself it’s a bad combat trick. But if I can get it to kill multiple creatures, the life loss is getting really relevant. The dream play is to have Deathbringer Thoctar, play Touch of Moonglove on it, then play Chandra’s Ignition against a full board. Not only will it wipe the board clean, but everyone will be brought down, and I’ll have a huge Thoctar that can take care of all players.

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