Green/Black Constellation

arc1477_mostawesometokeneverThis is an experiment with the Constellation mechanic. The idea is to hold the fort while gaining card advantage and filling up the graveyard to make some creatures really big. All the while Grim Guardian will chip at their lifetotal.

Pharika can turn creatures in the graveyard into snake tokens, which are conveniently enough also extra enchantments to trigger the constellation effects. This should result in extra cards draw, extra life loss and having Doomwake Giant downsizing the opposition.

Aside from some elves and land for mana production, everything is an enchantment, or in case of Renowned Weaver, can turn into an enchantment.

Nyx Weaver can exile itself to get something from the the graveyard. Deadbridge Chant kicks things in overdrive to set up the endgame by making sure you always have something you can do.

Humbler of Mortals is the last piece of meat. It combines nicely with Bow of Nylea to make blocking almost pointless by combining Deathtouch and Trample on your creatures.

~ Green/Black Constellation ~

Creatures (30)

Doomwake Giant
Eidolon of Blossoms
Elvish Mystic
Grim Guardian
Humbler of Mortals
Nyx Weaver
Pharika, God of Affliction
Renowned Weaver

Other (6)

Bow of Nylea
Strength from the Fallen
Deadbridge Chant

Lands (24)

12 Forest
12 Swamp
Posted under Standard